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Spamdexing Tactics, Then and Now

Spamdexing Tactics Still Work? Google doesnt go into length (for obvious reasons) about Web Spam Tactics, but does identify 5 of them: Hidden text or links. Cloaking or sneaky redirects. Pages stuffed with irrelevant keywords. Doorway” pages. Link schemes. Now, … Continue reading

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SERP Spam Definition: Spamdexing

SERP Spam Definition: Spamdexing There have been many definitions of Search Engine Spam, with the most historical one being attributed to Doorway Pages: Doorways are a technology often used in spamdexing. A doorway basically is a site page optimized for … Continue reading

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Spam Marketing Models

As I showed in the History of Email Spam post, Spammers aren’t idiots, the more sophisticated ones actually have traditional and modern marketing theories working for them. They scale their projects and use real economics to work out profit. The … Continue reading

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SPAM: History – Email Spam Makes Money

Introduction: It’s Not New, And It Pays To Be A Spammer Way back in 2002 when the Wall Street Journal (I won’t link as its behind a pay wall) wrote an article on the Spam Queen   – Laura Betterly – … Continue reading

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