"The practice of getting pages into the search engine results without caring what the Fuck the search engines think about it"

Web Spam

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about Search Engine Spam, especially the art of Spamdexing as well as the profitability of spam, AKA Spamonomics.

This practice isnt new, nor is it going to come to a quick end. From the onset of Email Spam, to the delivery of Social Media Spam, there is money to be made, and the innovative spammers market grows.

This website is dedicated to understanding this phenomenon, exploring both, old and new tactics of web spam, as well as trying to uncover the profit that can be made by being a web spammer.

NOTE: We do not condone, nor encourage spam, web or otherwise. We just explore it.

Mission Accomplished

Now I have written post on Content Farms, Blackhat SEO and SEO Automation. All three have an impact on what I learnt from the art of spamming. The next few posts will break down different areas of SERP Spam, the profitability in real time, including greyhat applications to SERP spamming.

The Full Series of Posts on Spamonomics will include:

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